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Ne marche plus depuis ios8 maj svp


Bof car sa beug

I love it!

It works well and I use it frequently. Very useful. Congratulations for the great app!


With this app I can make super cool videos stopping and returning in the same video!


Ist richtig cool!


Funny Application


To faultyregent5 they are the same company as video star genius... And this app is amazing goals☺


This is amazing its video star but wit sounds. It should be able to do voice overs

Yay love it!

Omfg I live this so much

Backround music

Can we BE able to put backround music in our videos? PLEEEEEASE


I lost 2 dollars to import a video. Then it just leads me to no where, and to edit that motherffing video is to wast another 3 dollars. What do you expect me to do with a video that I cant even edit? Give my money back. Like really..



Pretty good

Not bad it works really well on my iPhone 4


This app used to be really good but now whenever I try to save my videos to camera roll it completely mutes it

in the middle

Whenever I try to save videos to my camera roll the videos just delete. my friend has it to it all in all its OK

Background music

Can you make background music PlEASE PLEASE!!! The ones from YouTude background music


It doesnt hold any storage AT ALL!!!! I am only aloud to make like 2 minutes of a video and it says storage full and I barely have ANYTHING on my phone!!!!! Read the reviews before you download it!!! Because its Awful. DONT DOWNLOAD VIDEO FX LIVE!!!!!!!

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Its the same company ⬆️


Omgoodness! This app is soooo handy! I love it so much. But it would be even more great if u could add background music!


You have to pay for everything that you actually want its horrible

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